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Luxury Living for Your Festival Adventure 

Accommodations & Essentials 

We meticulously prepare your Airbnb or hotel in desert areas like Palm Springs and Palm Desert, ensuring they're stocked with essentials and luxuries for your festival stay. Our focus is on transforming your accommodation into a bespoke retreat, anticipating and catering to every need for a comfortable and immersive festival experience.

Customized Care for Your Festival Needs 

Personalized Festival Enhancements 

Enhance your festival with services uniquely tailored to you. From arranging personal assistants to procuring chefs for bespoke dining experiences, our services are designed to cater to your every need. Enjoy the added luxury of custom care packages, meticulously assembled with essentials and indulgences to elevate your festival moments. Let us personalize your journey to ensure an extraordinary festival experience


Rejunevate & Explore with Confidence 

Wellnees & Local Insights

Indulge in wellness with spa treatments and IV vitamin sessions we can arrange right in your accommodation. Benefit from our local insights and recommendations to explore the Palm Springs area confidently. We're here to ensure your festival experience is both revitalizing and enlightening, without missing a beat.

Elevate your festival with Aurora Concierge Group. From accommodations to personalized services, we make your experience seamless and unforgettable. Contact us to learn how we can craft your stress-free festival adventure.


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